Photo of me on towerI’m an interdisciplinary conservation researcher with an interest in social-ecological systems, interdisciplinary approaches to tropical conservation, the ecosystem service approach and its critiques, debates surrounding sustainable development and the role of different knowledges in conservation research and management.

I completed my PhD at the University of Leicester (School of Geography, Geology and the Environment) in December 2017. My interdisciplinary PhD evaluates the importance of fish(ing) to human communities in the Sabangau (Central Kalimantan, Indonesia) using Assemblage Theory as a framework. This also involved completing some of the first long-term fish and water quality surveys in the Sabangau River and Forest. You can  find a more detailed outline of my thesis here.

Since August 2017, I worked with Professor Susan Page (University of Leicester) as a Research Associate focusing on research impact development on the ecosystem services provided by tropical peatlands. This project was finalised in January 2018.

More information about what I do and a link to my CV can be found in the About page.

I am a member of the International Peatland Society, UK Tropical Peatland Working Group, the British Ecological Society, and WI-IUCN SSC Freshwater Fish Specialist Group.