I’m a wetland social-ecologist interested in human-environment relationships, interdisciplinary research approaches, debates surrounding sustainable development and the role of different knowledges in conservation research and management. I take a critical approach to my work; continuously thinking about justice issues, the ethics of conservation approaches and how we can imagine and create a more caring world for human and more-than-human beings alike.

I recently joined the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust as a Principal Research Officer for their Ecosystem Health and Social Dimensions team.

My interdisciplinary PhD explored peat-swamp fish and the importance of fish(ing) to human communities in the Sebangau (Central Kalimantan, Indonesia) using Assemblage Theory as a framework. This also involved completing, with Dudin and our ‘fish team’, some of the first long-term fish and water quality surveys in the Sebangau River and Forest. You can find a more detailed outline of my thesis here.

More information about what I do and a link to my CV can be found in the About and Research page.