I have conducted field research in Peru, Scotland and Indonesia. I have 10 years of experience in tropical peatland research and conservation in Indonesian Borneo, and my focus ranges from the ecology of these unique habitats, freshwater fish research, to exploring the human dimensions of conservation. For the latter I look at human-nature relationships, drawing on more-than-human and critical geographies. I have also increasingly been focused on the peatland fire issue, looking at both the human and biophysical causes of fire in the peatlands of Indonesia.

I furthermore do theoretical work on ‘interdisciplinarity’, ‘livelihoods’ and research ethics. I am passionate about finding ways to make research more equitable, ethical and caring.

You can find information on my PhD thesis outline and research funders in the drop-down menu (or click the links).

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Me with Ari Purwanto in the Sebangau forest (Indonesian Borneo) back in 2011!